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Before I started seeing Jani Roodt, I was overwhelmed and burdened by over a decade of middle back pain, partial numbness and more recently, chronic fatigue syndrome. All of which left me feeling alone and helpless.

After our first few sessions, the pain relief was so great that we embarked on a year long process which can only be described as coming home to oneself. 

With focussed work, Jani was able to comprehend the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances In my body, and kindly guided me back to a calm and pain-free state of being over time. She interweaves her knowledge of various healing modalities into her own beautiful offering, which made me feel very supported and safe, and her approach is constructive and uplifting. You know you are in good hands when you also laugh a lot. 

Jani is grounded and practical with her approach, and extremely responsible with her timing. She consciously gets to know the individual holistically and then guides what would best serve them in the present moment and in the long process of healing.

Within only one year, I feel like a different person, one who feels colourful and joyful - no longer saddened by layers of unknown baggage and pain. She has truly helped me connect me back to my heart and body, and in the gentlest way possible. 

Renée Roussouw, Cape Town 

I have tried a lot of different therapies and body workers, but Jani’s tools and touch are the ones that have worked best. Jani doesn’t only master the technical aspects of her craft, but listens with patience and empathy, does her work with a great presence and has the ability to see the person as a whole - all this spiced with a great sense of humor. 

As a result the treatments Jani provides are much more than just physical. In addition to bodily symptoms, Jani has helped me to see and clear many unhealthy patterns and replace them with new traits leading to a more balanced and fun life.

Mikko Seppinen, Finland

I left my session with Jani feeling incredibly relaxed, calm and balanced. Exactly what I needed after a stressful few days. 

Jani also gave me some "homework” after the session to release a shoulder injury.  She treats stress or pain symptoms in a holistic way and is incredibly intuitive. Her individualised approach allowed me to re-set my body to its natural balance.

Highly recommended!

Hannelize Robinson - Johannesburg

Jani has been treating me for over a year and the work continues to build and unfold. At first, thinking that I needed a sore neck attended to, I found that there were many layers of unhealthy patterns of pain beneath the surface. 

With great patience, Jani has dedicated herself with her holistic understanding to unveil the challenges of my body. Furthermore, she has also given me a much better understanding of the functioning of my own body. 

Over time, I noticed how physical tensions were released at one point because Jani was releasing tension through working on an opposite muscle. It became clear to me that it doesn't help if you only treat the source of pain or blockage. The body has already formed a compensation for this pain, and therefore has completely disguised the cause, so you have to treat the whole system. 

One year later and Jani has successfully removed the dusty layers of discomfort… now we can focus on all the small everyday physical challenges and keep my body in balance, preventively. 

Patrick Merten

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